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Sirenas Esthetics and Laser Clinic provides courteous, honest, and reliable services you can count on.


Alejendra Bartan (Alie) has been in the esthetics industry for nearly 2 decades. She's a former instructor at Ottawa Academy, and became a Laser Technician in 2013. Known for her extensive knowledge, professionalism and meticulous work, she has recently re-launched as a home business and looks forward to continuing her work with clients old and new. 

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Eyebrow Wax: $16.00

Lip Wax: $10.00

Chin Wax: $10.00

Full Facial Wax: $25.00

Stomach Wax: $15.00

Underarm Wax: $15.00

Arm Wax: $30.00

Bikini Wax: $20.00

Lower Leg Wax: $25.00 

Upper Leg Wax: $30.00

Back and Shoulder Wax: $45.00

Full Leg Wax: $55.00

Chest Wax: $35.00

Brazilian Wax: $40.00 or 3 for $79.00

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Laser Hair Removal

Small areas

$450.00 for 3 sessions

Lip, chin, cheeks, sideburns, ears, bikini line, toes.

Medium areas

$600.00 for 3 sessions

Underarms, upper lip and chin, half face, shoulders, half arms, full bikini, thighs

Large areas

$897.00 for 3 sessions

Full face plus neck, lower back, upper back, chest, stomach, full arms, Brazilian, half leg.

Extra large areas

$1300.00 for 3 sessions

Full legs plus bikini, full back plus shoulders, full chest plus shoulders, full Brazilian

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Triton hair removal
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Looking years younger! 

Photofacials increase collagen levels to repair existing damage like sun spots, fine lines and discoloration as well as keep skin smooth and healthy, slowing down the aging process. Many satisfied clients with acne, hyper pigmentation and rosacea have found improvement after receiving photofacial treatments.

Two sessions: $700.00

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Brow/Lash Combo Tint: $30.00

Facial Treatments: starts $60.00

Brow Tint: $15.00

Men's Facial: $45.00

Lash Tint: $20.00

Make Up Application: starts $30.00

Lumecca IPL Photo Rejuvenation treatments

Face, chest, neck or hands

2 Photofacials $700.00

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Other Services

Chemical Peels: $79.00 (3 peels - $169.00)

1 Photo + 1 Chemical Peel: $149.00

              Collagen Infusion with EMS (Electric Magnetic System): $69.00 (3 Collagen - $165)


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Absolutely recommend Sirena's! Alie really knows her machine. I felt very comfortable and she was very pleasant.

Alie is very personable and answered all my questions about IPL. Sure seems to know her stuff. I look forward to a continued relationship.

Great little spot with amazing service.

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